Could your brand benefit from a Power-Up?

Hey! I’m Ameer. A SEO Copywriter and Digital Marketer who will help your business craft content that will ignite connections, incite discussions, achieve conversions, and ultimately increase your sales so you can focus on the things you love. Leave the attention-grabbing, conversion-churning heavy lifting to me and watch your sales skyrocket from places you didn’t imagine.

Don't Let Your Brand Fizzle-Out

The #1 reason why 90% of online businesses fail is because of:

  • Poor research
  • Poor market positioning
  • Little-to-no brand awareness/online visibility among their target audience
  • Lack of an offer

Are you fine with being in that statistic? I hope not.

But if you want some serious ROI on your online business endeavors…

And you want those cold leads turning into sales

And you want the right people saying the right things in all the right places about your  brand…

Then we’re a great match.

Doing the research, formulating the offer, positioning the brand, and creating the copy accordingly are like martial arts.

One has  to know the right places to target, ie the ‘pressure points.’

And despite all the huffing and puffing on the internet, not everyone can do it.

(And that’s okay, because no one person can do everything. It’s why specialists exist)

With the right knowledge and with minimal effort I can get you maximum returns.


You can keep thumping around blindly in the dark, doing guesswork and missing all the strategic pressure-points, and burn through your time and resources…

And your business too.

All the while your competition rakes in all the $ales that could have been yours.


I can help you craft a irresistible offer along with copy that sells (without sounding “salesy”).

The offer includes:

  • The Big Idea
  • Brand Positioning
  • Credibility
  • A Powerful Risk Reversal
  • A Powerful Close

The copy includes:

  • A Catchy Hook
  • Story-telling/rapport-building
  • Testimonials
  • Unique Selling Angle
  • Irresistible CTA

I offer a 100% done-for-you solution to make your sales page, email, and ad copy dramatically more effective.

Results guaranteed or you don’t pay me!

Increase Your Sales With My:

Social Media Ad Copy

Boost your ad clicks with captivating copy that will suck leads into your sales funnel. I’ll create engaging ads that compel your audience to click. No clicks? You don’t pay me.

Landing Page Copy

Need landing page copy that converts new leads into lifetime subscribers? I’ll write engaging copy that will entice leads to signup for your newsletter and grow your email list.

Email Copy

Already have an email list but no content? I will write various forms of email sequences for you, including welcome, indoctrination, promotional and sales sequences.

Sales Page Copy

Have a product or service to sell but don’t know how? I can increase your sales by writing sales-page copy that engages your audiences’ deepest emotions via NLP and story-telling.

Video Sales Letter

86% of marketers said video ads increased their ROI (HubSpot). Seeing is believing, as they say. I will write scroll-stopping,  attention-captivating, CTA-oriented VSL scripts for you.

Funnel Building

Current marketing strategy not cutting it? Let’s hop on a call and formulate a new funnel from scratch. One that will get you leads, retain them, and convert them into regular buyers.

Case Studies

Already have an email list but no content? Emails aren’t being opened? I’ll write emails that will tap their emotions and have them opening every email they get from you.

Product Descriptions

Already have an email list but no content? Emails aren’t being opened? I’ll write emails that will tap their emotions and have them opening every email they get from you.

Work Experience

Email Copywriting

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Email Copywriting
Website Copywriting

Sales Page, Landing Page, and Squeeze Page Copywriting.

Website Copywriting